Harry’s Last Stand: How the World My Generation Built is Falling Down, and What We Can Do to Save it

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What a life this man has led.

We’re at a crossroads in time right now, especially in the UK, and Harry gives the most heartfelt and honest account of what lies ahead if we let apathy lead us down the road of wholesale privatisation.

Harry’s generation lived through the harshest of times for the poor, where poverty was rife, healthcare was only for the wealthy, and you were lucky if you could survive the winter. After the second world war, times were still hard, but Atlee and Bevan had a vision for the future, a future which was inclusive of every citizen, a future where no man should die because he’s fallen on difficult times.

Ever since this nation was changed, for the better of the people, one ‘leader’ or another has tried to dismantle this good work and return to the ‘good old days’ when the rich had it very good through birthright, and the poor had little or no opportunity to improve themselves, and simply worked until they died. One, Margaret Thatcher, managed to beat down the Unions and kill off the spirit of the working man as a collective and changed Britain into what it has become now. We’ve seen privatisation after privatisation, and now we’re seeing the beginning of the end of the NHS, if we don’t act to stop the Right Wing parties from exploiting their “Health and Social Care Act 2012” to ruin and sell off the NHS piece by piece to the lowest bidder. Anyone that believes that the Conservative party, or indeed UKIP, want to keep the NHS as a public asset is horribly mislead, much of the funding that the Conservative party receive comes from Private Health Care firms!

We must act in the 2015 election to save what the noble generation built up out of the ashes of conflict. They fought the Nazi’s to stop fascism from spreading across the face of this planet, and yet at this moment in time, we’re letting fascism run riot under our noses, slowly but surely eroding and undermining our rights as human beings, printing the value of our money down to nothing, and enslaving us with servitude via low wages and high costs of living.

Please vote Green, or Labour, in the next election. They have your interests at heart (more than) the other major parties. I remain skeptical about all politics but the Green MP, Caroline Lucas, was charged when protesting against Fracking – someone who stands up for what she believes in – we need more MPs like her, not MPs that want to line their pockets with dirty money, printed using the blood and sweat of the poor.

So, yes, a must read! If you know me, you’re welcome to borrow my copy, just ask!

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